Rockin' My DIY Bleach Dyed Tee.

Sunday, January 22, 2017 , 0 Comments

Recently I have been watching too much Youtube videos and thinking of starting a channel of my own too, what fascinates me are DIY stuff or do it yourself video guides that can help revive old clothing to life.

Bleach Dyeing has been used even before I was born and luckily its one of the cool trends today! So why not try it? right? All you need is a 100% Cotton shirt, a bleach, a pair of gloves and a container.

I have a Long Line Tee that I think is worn enough that it needs some upgrade and a P25 peso T-shirt my Mom and I bought from the second hand shop. I have no trouble with styling myself so mix and matching the results of my DIY is pretty easy.

Check out the end result of my cool DIY Project below.

All you need is a little styling and some swag attitude to rock the look! Now ain't that cool?! From a plain and simple Long Line Tee with side zips to an ombre look.

Below is the P25 Second Hand Tee that I also customized by chopping off the sleeves and neck ribbing. Just add some plaid and your good to go!

Stay tuned for more of this Bleach Dyeing for I have a denim and hoodie jacket to post soon! Until next time!

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