#BUMxPepsi Collab Collection Unveiled This Season

Fashion Last June 8th, BUM launched a cool collection dubbed as #BUMxPepsi. We blogged about this last June 1st and the hype is real! The items as lit as ever!

The brand introduced their collection through a fashion show and a major pop-up store at Trinoma.

The collection was very streetwear luxe, very much a fusion of the two brands' elements or colors.  The show was on point specially with the styling and looks, very now and modern.

The #BUMxPepsi collection is available nationwide at select BUM boutiques and leading department stores nationwide. Prices varies so go ahead and check the cool collection.

For more information visit their website at https://www.bumequipment.com.ph now.


Coloring hair is one of my fave things to do, I have done so many shades and colors, but most of them are shipped from abroad. Sadly they are not even made for Pinoy hair. So sometimes it's trial and error when trying to update my hair color.

Whenever I feel like going to dark brown or brown, my go to brand is KOLOURS that is easy to find at most stores like Watsons.

KOLOURS DUAL CONDITIONING HAIR COLOR (FOR MEN) is a permanent, vibrant and long-lasting coloring that lasts for at least 3 months.

Its formula is made especially for Asian hair - since Asian hair is generally darker and thicker, it makes it more resistant to coloring. The unique formula of Kolours allows the product to penetrate properly, giving you marvelous color from root to tip.

Plus even more perks:

- It wont leave your hair dry because it contains Vitamin E and B5.
- Non-drip formula means a less hassle DIY coloring at home.
- Available in 22 shades, so you'll find something you'll like!

Manufactured proudly by Pinoy company Splash, a local leader in personal care products, Kolours for men is the best choice for the Pinoy guy who wants to up his hair game!

Each kit includes the following: 50g creme colorant tube, 70ml bottle color developer, 2 sachets after-treatment conditioner, 1 pair of plastic hand gloves and an instruction leaftet for an affordable price of P250 per box.

Strolling around BGC in BUM Black Army Long Tee.

Fashion Its been a while since I blogged and took effort to really wear something and have a crew shot it. Urban Streetwear is super hot right now and long tees with military inspos are a must.

Disecting the look:

Tops from BUM.
Joggers and NMD shoes from Adidas.
Sunglasses from Sunnies Studios.
Shot using Canon DSLR.

Just chillin' perfectly in style.

Mad props to the people of The DreamWalkers Studio for the shots and BUM for the clothes.
BUM Black Army Long Tees are now available at all BUM Boutiques and leading dept. stores nationwide.

The Camouflage Fashion Trend and Why It Must Stay!

Fashion Camouflage or just camou is a trend that is associated with masculinity and one of the staple trends that come and goes. Last year so many pieces were in this trend that even I did not miss it.

This year it still continues and you can see it applied to bomber jackets, windbreakers, t-shirts and pants. Camou is so dope that it can amp up a simple black tee.

Rockin' My DIY Bleach Dyed Tee.

DIY Recently I have been watching too much Youtube videos and thinking of starting a channel of my own too, what fascinates me are DIY stuff or do it yourself video guides that can help revive old clothing to life.

Bleach Dyeing has been used even before I was born and luckily its one of the cool trends today! So why not try it? right? All you need is a 100% Cotton shirt, a bleach, a pair of gloves and a container.

I have a Long Line Tee that I think is worn enough that it needs some upgrade and a P25 peso T-shirt my Mom and I bought from the second hand shop. I have no trouble with styling myself so mix and matching the results of my DIY is pretty easy.

Check out the end result of my cool DIY Project below.

All you need is a little styling and some swag attitude to rock the look! Now ain't that cool?! From a plain and simple Long Line Tee with side zips to an ombre look.

Below is the P25 Second Hand Tee that I also customized by chopping off the sleeves and neck ribbing. Just add some plaid and your good to go!

Stay tuned for more of this Bleach Dyeing for I have a denim and hoodie jacket to post soon! Until next time!

How to Make A Guinea Pig C&C Cage in the Philippines.

DIY I am fond of cute pets especially dogs and since they are high maintenance I have took a break from breeding pups and concentrated on business. But sometimes you just need a pause from all of the stress and play with some critter or anything that takes away problematic stuff on my mind.

Yes! After months of reading which pets are very low maintenance and also cute.. I ended up having new babies. Guinea Pigs!

They are cute, sociable and easy to take care of.  I have adopted a pair from a pet shop at Arayat Cubao.. well they were the last couple and I have been passing them for weeks and no one seems to want them. 

I believe in magic, so whenever I get a pet like my dogs. I took them because there was something, an instant connect and yes M-A-G-I-C! It may sound corny but that's just how it is with me and my happiness.

The next thing to do was to read more about them. Good thing there's a lot of articles and even videos online to help you understand your piggies.

One of the is their den or cage, We got a temporary bird cage.. yep a bird cage for these two babies!

These piggies have sensitive feet and needs a room for playing around though.. so the bird cage needs to go. Upon researching on some websites about Guinea pigs, they prefer to use a C&C den.. which was impossible to find here in Quezon City, Philippines.

Good thing a blog posted a guide, but the stack and rack is now phased out at all Ace Hardware branches.

So basically you need the following:

Wire Stacking Cube Set (costs Php1350 at HandyMan, but got this for only P960+ which was on SALE on that week. Available in Black and White)

  • Corrugated Plastic Boards (Php120.00 per piece at National Bookstore Main Branch Cubao)
  • Cable Ties (P46.75 at HandyMan also)
  • Cutting tools (cutter, scissors) 
  • Drawing tools (ruler, pencil, ballpoint pen) 
  • Masking tape


1. Assemble the grids according the size you want. you can make 4 cubes out the set. I only use up to three since I only have 2 babies and in case another comes it will just be fine for them.

2. Measure and cut through the corrugated plastic board so that you can create a box-shaped container that will fit inside the grids. For the three cubes the two large boards were just enough.

3. Put Masking tapes to bond cut corrugated plastic boards before you put them in the grids.

4. For the final touches cable ties at every end to support the grids from disassembling.

It took us almost an hour to do this and whole day to find the grids. Don't try to go to Ace Hardware and look for the grids, you'll be just wasting time. 

I added a division, in preparation for Pig labor days, but you can remove it anytime as well,

They love their new den and it also makes them happy! 

P.S. Don't forget the water bottles and food plates for your babies too! 

Welcome to my Personal Website!

Hello there! (That's what I usually greet my dogs and I have 8 of them). Welcome to my personal website and where all of my unnecessary crap will be posted.

I have been wanting a personal site for so long and never fully materialized it since now. Although I have been designing several known blog sites and brands, so Yes this is it!

I am Rai Lacoste, I have no relation to the owner of the LACOSTE brand but I am very much open if they will adopt me LOL. I am a kid at heart and I live a colorful life. I am no stranger to color and I love all of it!

By the looks of the pictures below, I love hair colors and not afraid of any hairstyle. I am a fan of Fast Fashion and a sucker for H&M, Penshoppe, Oxygen, New Yorker and BUM. 

Photos by Ash Reginal Evasco.
Top by Cotton On, Jogger Pants & Snapback by Penshoppe & Shoes by Converse.
Hair by Jerusalem N. Dio Salon